Lightning Bolt, Aaron Dilloway and Beans concert 3/29/18

Last night, I went to The Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights, OH to see a show there. It featured noise rock band, Lightning Bolt, noise artist Aaron Dilloway and rapper Beans. When I got to the venue, I was 30 minutes early so I waited at a Chipotle indoors since it was raining out. They wouldn’t allow people into the venue until 20-25 minutes after the doors were supposed to open at 8PM. The first act, Beans who is a New York rapper was pretty good. I haven’t heard anything from him and some people seemed to enjoy him in the crowd. Aaron Dilloway, a noise artist from Michigan and now residing in Oberlin, OH uses 8-track tape loops to make his music. His performance was pretty good and I’ve heard his latest 2017 album titled The Gag File. Noise rock group, Lightning Bolt were the last act and the energy that the venue had was immense. Drummer and vocalist, Brian Chippendale’s performance was incredible and that has been the best drumming that I’ve seen live.

Overall it was a really great night and it reminded me of how great live music and concerts can be.