Jeff Rosenstock- POST-

Long Island native and punk musician, Jeff Rosenstock has been involved with music acts such as The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches and Bomb The Music Industry! Jeff Rosenstock has caught my attention with his past 3 albums. We Cool? is an assortment of aggressive anger and anxiety, WORRY dives slightly into the political issues. POST- is a decent record with USA and Let Them Win lacking for me. This latest album is a bit better than, if not equal to We Cool but not as amazing as WORRY in my opinion. All of Rosenstock’s albums sound the same for the most part but he knows how to draw people in.


Iglooghost- Neō Wax Bloom Review

Irish electronic music producer, Iglooghost proves to me that he has what it takes to be an amazing artist. While I still enjoy Chinese Nü Year, it seems too short that I wanted more and Neō Wax Bloom was more of that music high which I craved from him. None of the songs feel the same and there’s this sense of energy and magic that I feel when listening to this album. Pale Eyes, Solar Blade, Infinite Mint and Peanut Choker are my favorite songs on the album. I’m one to listen to an album and if I like it, I’ll listen to once or twice a month but I could see myself listening to this several times each month. This album is the breath of fresh air that electronic music needed and I sense nothing but good things for Seamus Malliagh. I suggest you give this a listen.