Love, Simon movie review

Love, Simon is about a normal high school guy named Simon Spier (played by Nick Robinson). The only thing is that he has a little secret…he’s gay. Simon’s parents, played by Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel don’t have any clue that Simon is gay and met each other in high school. Simon has a few supportive friends and begins emailing this guy, who’s also gay from a blog posting website and they start to develop a close relationship together. This guy, who sees Simon’s emails on the school computer threatens to black mail him by trying to get him to hook him up with one of his friends, who isn’t interested in him at all. Love, Simon displays through comedy by having people ‘come out’ as straight, to see how laughable it is and to realize that it’s hard for gay people to come out to their family members.

Love, Simon does a great job of not having the audience feel sorry for Simon just because he’s gay, but to see him as just another human being. This movie doesn’t go into gay stereotypes and it’s a great love story that’ll make you happy.


Author: Eden Greenlaw

I'm 23 years old. I have two cats I enjoy music, anime, food, animals and movies.

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